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The Ways to Make the Most out of Cell Tower Lease Extensions


Many of the cell tower companies are out seeking for an extension to their cell tower lease contracts. You may be asking why these companies are actually contacting the landowners while there still remains some time on the lease contracts. This is principally for two reasons-the reason for time and that of money as well. Let us take a look at each of these independently.


Time will be the first point of a reason we will look at. The cell tower company will be interested in extending the lease contracts as a way to ensure two things.  The first is the need to market the tower location better for the future co-co-locators whom the cell tower company at https://www.towerleases.com/ will be seeking out as for their sources of extra revenue at the site. The second reason why most of the companies will seek to have an extension to their existing lease agreements for their cell phone towers at a given location will be so as to satisfy the existing commitments as relating to the subletting agreement to the site and the current revenue stream from the existing site.


The second point for the extension of the lease agreement contracts is to enjoy the benefits of having a stress free time as investors knowing that the site's revenue stream will not be interrupted over the long haul. Money is basically what factor we are looking at in this particular respect. This is even more of a factual need for those companies at https://www.towerleases.com/faq/ that are traded publically. As a property owner there are some factors that you will need to have well interpreted, the claims the cell tower company presents such as what we see mentioned herein.


The first point you need to know, is that you shouldn't be made to appear the one to whom the favor is being made by an offer for a term extension. In reality, the cell tower company needs the extension more than you do. The other fact you need to bear in mind is that what bonus the company will be offering you as a 'signing bonus' is actually but a fraction of the whole share you are supposed to receive as you give your consent for the extension of the lease contract. You are supposed to look at the price escalations as provided for in the lease agreement and ensure that what you will be offered in it is indeed in reflection to the market trends so as to ensure that you are not duped in the whole deal. If you want to learn more about cell phone tower lease, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telecommunications_lease#Duration_and_termination.